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The development of big data, internet of things, artificial intelligence and new technologies has not only changed people's way of life, but also changed the social ecology. Before the official opening of CES 2018 in 2018, many innovative products entered the consumer's perspective at the launch of the sponsor's Consumer Technology Association (CTA) on the afternoon of the 7th. These represent the current state of the art of consumer electronics products, more and more automatic, intelligent. It can be said that today's consumer electronics industry has entered the "fight intelligence" era, if the new product does not and "smart" the word dip edge, are hard to say that they are innovative. From smart home to smart city, these innovative products will let you truly understand the meaning of "technology to change life".

Smart Home: From a single product to the system change

In recent years, the smart home market has developed rapidly, and the range of smart home products is also becoming more and more widely covered. From environmental control to automatic maintenance, from audio-visual entertainment to home security, there are many cases. In the past people can not think of home areas, but also gradually being captured by smart home products.

Among the CTA's Best Innovations Awards CES2018, the Lancey smart heater is one of the award winning innovations. This electric heater is the world's first electric heater equipped with a battery and local energy management system. It fine-tuned the heating to the user's needs and used the stored, relatively inexpensive, off-peak hour power to power the radiator during peak heating hours, resulting in a 50% lower operating cost than other heaters. In addition to the award-winning Lancey smart heater, there are many smart home products CES2018 attracting attention, such as Ashley Chloe's Ensembl intelligent modular wireless entertainment system, Coway's smart air purifier, etc., are among them Star Products.

With the integration of artificial intelligence technology, smart home products are also being gradually spread from the single product to the system. In 2017, Amazon Echo smart speaker popularity, and the emergence of Google home let smart home assistant market competition intensified. CES2018, there are more similar smart home assistant appear, these products will connect multiple home appliances, the formation of multi-functional overall system, further changing the family life style. Such as SmartBeings's WooHoo, as an intelligent IoT platform that can connect multiple devices, interactive control of smart home, and can achieve a variety of functions such as remote contact, emergency call.

The Blue Frog Robotics' Buddy robot, also winner of the CES2018 Best Innovation Award, and Wi-Charge's long-range wireless power, are not part of the smart home category, but they can also help build a smart home. Buddy, as a family companion robot, interacts with every member of the family, acting as a family helper and as a kid's playmate, while Wi-Charge's smart power supplies charge without user intervention Within the mobile and wireless device charging, users will be greatly saved without paying attention to depletion of equipment power worry.

Smart City: The New Direction of Consumer Electronics Development

Compared with smart home, smart city construction more ambitious, but also far beyond the scope of consumer electronics coverage. However, this does not mean that there is no innovation on CES2018 that supports the development of smart cities. Among the 28 product categories covered by this year's CES Best Innovation Award, smart city and cybersecurity and robotics are the three new product categories sponsored by the organizers. The move shows the organizers' approval of smart city-like innovative products and Pay attention. CTA predicts that smart city technology will be the foremost emerging technology in 2018.

Among the 20 products that won the CES2018 Best Innovation Award, two are Smart City products, namely the Amaryllo International B.V AR4 Artificial Intelligence Security Camera and Aipoly's Aipoly vending platform. AR4 artificial intelligence security camera built-in high-power CPU, the use of cloud data mining technology to recognize face, car and animal, with the intruder and automatic tracking. Through data sharing, it can form a huge network and is expected to become an alternative to the traditional CCTV (CCTV monitoring system) widely used in cities nowadays, completely changing the security of the city. The Aipoly vending platform is a fully automated retail platform that leverages artificial intelligence technology to provide customers with shopping experiences that do not require queued closing: the customer simply picks up the goods and leaves and the receipt is received via the Aipoly app.

There are many smart city-like innovative products on CES2018, these two products are one of the best. In addition, Neose's networked general purpose electronic nose, Texas Instruments millimeter-wave radar sensors, RELYNC's world's first folding smart three-wheeled scooter and many other innovative products will provide a safe and convenient smart city construction in the future Boost. With the concept of smart city being accepted by more and more countries, such products are also expected to become an important part of consumer electronics products and become a new direction for the development of the consumer electronics industry in the future